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Here is a set of questions that are commonly asked regarding our organic practice with Alphonso mangoes and in general Mango trees..

  • Do you cultivate pure organic mangoes?

On our site, we have mentioned that, the mangoes are grown on organic soil. We do not use chemical fertilizers, although we do use pesticides in order to save our crop in emergency. Without these pesticides, it is almost impossible to find the reasonable results from the Alphonso farm. Although we follow the international standards in using pesticides over mango trees. We do not use the pesticides on Alphonso for 30 days before harvesting. Use of pesticides is limited to 2-3 times in the season compared to 10-15 where organic practice is not followed.

  • Do you guarantee about your mangoes?

Yes, we DO. We take care of Alphonso mangoes according to proven standards.  During sorting, 20% possibly damaged mangoes are taken away. During packaging around 5% of it are removed for not fitting to the standard. Our handling at transport and retail outlets with absolute care. That means total 25% of the mangoes are rejected because of having poor quality. This enables us delivering the quality. We provide replacement / refund on case t ocase basis.

  • Do you purchase mangoes from other farmers?

We do not sell mangoes from other farmers. Although we can arrange for it upon request. But we do not guarantee about such mangoes because the quality process that we follow may not be followed at their locations.

  • Which organic fertilizers do you use?

There are various organic fertilizers available in the market. We use few of them. Along with them we use cow shit, Honey and various natural products available such as tree leaves. This is usually called as compost. Although we don’t trust much in purchasing compost from outside. Rather we trust in growing life-cycle locally near the mango tree roots.