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Alphonso Mangoes in Pune, India

Alphonso Mangoes is specialized cultivation of mangoes which is specifically found in southern area of Konkan, and few areas of other countries. Alphonso mangoes are famous for their unique fragrance, taste and sweetness. The root of these mangoes is considered to be somewhere is Portuguese sailors who brought these mangoes in India.

Is it said that "Hapus" is also derived from the word alphonso when it was adopted in the local language. Alphonso mangoes are now a days cultivated in Konkan for more than 4 lakh hectors region. Although cultivating mangoes is easier, but maintaining the real taste of Alphonso mangoes is becoming a challenge more and more.

A wide adaptation with chemical fertilizers and increasing pollution in the region has now resulted in degradation of taste and naturalness of mangoes.

Alphonso mangoes grow well in Large red stones called “jambha dagad” in local language. Mangoes need plenty of water in the rains season, medium cold where days are hot and nights are cold, during winter, and moderate hot, but sunny days in summer. Rain in summer adversely affects the taste of Alphonso mangoes, as will inappropriate atmosphere during winter affects flowering during winter.

There are lots of other problems that are usually found during cultivation of alphonsos. As I said above, very cold atmosphere in winter does not allow the trees to flower. If winter is extended for longer duration, there is a problem of re-flowering, which results in loss of mangoes that re from previous flowering. Extra water during summer causes tastelessness in mangoes. Overheat and sunny days cause burning in mangoes. Getting the crop from all these situations is now a days a real challenge for mango farmers.


Enemies of Alphonso crop

According to research below insects are considered to be top Enemies of alphonso crop. visit here for complete details. For most of the enemies, Atmosphere is the best management approach, but excessive growth of any insect on alphonso crop calls emmergency for pesticide action.


I. Borers
Mango stem borer, Batocera rufomaculata Symptoms Identification Management
Bark borer, Indarbela tetraonis Symptoms Identification Management
Shoot borer, Clumetia transversa Symptoms Identification Management
II. Inflorensence and fruit feeders
Mango hoppers, Idioscopus niveoparsus
I. clypealis 
Amirtodus atkinsoni
Symptoms Identification Management
Inflorescence midge, Dasineura amaramanjarae Symptoms Identification Management
Aphid, Toxoptera odinae Symptoms Identification Management
Flower webberEublemma versicolor Symptoms Identification Management
Loopers, Thalassodes quadraria, Chloroclystis sp Symptoms Identification Management
Bud mite, Aceria mangiferae Symptoms Identification Management
Fruit fly, Bactrocera (Dacus) dorsalis Symptoms Identification Management
Mango nut weevil, Sternochaetus mangiferae Symptoms Identification Management
III. Leaf feeders
Shoot webber: Orthaga exvinacea Symptoms Identification Managemet
Leaf gall midges , Amradiplosis amraemyia Symptoms Identification Management
Leaf twisting weevil, Apoderus tranquebaricus Symptoms Identification Management
Hairy caterpillars Euproctis fraterna, Prothesiascintillans   Symptoms Identification Management
IV. Sap feeders
Scales, Chionaspis vitis Symptoms Identification Management
Gaint mealybug, Drosicha mangiferae Symptoms Identification Management
Red ant, Oecophylla smaradina Symptoms Identification Management