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Organic soil is the soil that does not have any chemical fertilizers added to it. Chemical fertilizers include chemicals like Urea, Super phosphate, etc which are not echo friendly. These fertilizers kill useful bacteria's and earth-worms in the soil.

Researches have proved that the food with such chemical fertilizers is extremely hazardous to health and can lead to many incurable diseases like cancer, kidney failure, diabetes etc. 

In our farm, we enable various earthworms and other living entities in the farm with specialized treatment called “Amrit Pani” (Holy water process which included various natural products like honey and Ghee.) This gives us guarantee of production and taste. We monitor our farm closely for nurture every plant personally to give us quality.

Our process

We follow our specially designed process to ensure that there is no decaying on mangoes.

1. First we wait for mango to get fully ready to be taken away from tree. A quick test is taken based on mango color, glazing and importantly few small changes that happens near pedicel.  Our staff is exceptionally good in catching those changes.

2. Step 2 is about Sorting and gradation. We grade the fruits based on its weight. Each slab has a difference of 20 grams. Because of  this,  we are able to provide our customers a uniform size of mangoes in the box.

3. In next step, we keep the mangoes at our farm for 2 –3 days till it shoes the first sign. In this process we filter out 10 percent of fruits that may decay over the time. This helps us providing guarantee of quality.

4. Step 4 is about packing and transport. We carefully pack each and every piece in the box based on the requirement and ship it though our trusted transporters to ensure no damage happens.

What does our Guarantee mean?

Our guarantee means actually guarantee of fruits. If you find any problems in more than 5 percent of our fruits, we actually provide replacement of the fruits. Obviously we would expect you to show us the fruits so that we can find out what went wrong.