Shree Mango

Shree Mangoes –“The Real Taste of Ratnagiri Hapus Mango” has come up with the 32 years of trust form our customers. Since 1970, we are one of the most guaranteed Alphonso Mango suppliers. Dr. Narahari R. Vaidya started this farm after getting B.A.M.S from reputed college in Pune University. Since then we are providing quality mangoes. After 20 years of whole-sale mango supply, he decided to enter in the retail business to provide Quality mangoes directly to our customers. He started with selling retail Alphonso Mango boxes in 1997, since then, now we sell more than 1000 boxes every year under his guidance.

We sale mangoes that have been cultivated only in our organic farm. We are not resellers who buy mangoes from someone else and sales it to you. We think that this policy may decrease our reputation and goodwill in the market. So whatever the products we are offering it has been grown in our organic form.

We use natural ripening process to ripen the Ratnagiri Hapus Mangoes rather than using chemicals and injections. Because it can affect the taste, flavor and fragrance of the real Hapoos. Also it might have some health issues no doubt. So it is better to let the mango ripe by itself as proverb “Subra ka fal meetha hota hai”


Our mission:

Our mission is to provide Quality mangoes to our customers and help them in identifying real Alphonso Mangoes and save from being fooled on the name of alphonso mangoes. We also try to educate our customers about Mango handling, so that they will have minimum losses. Never the less, we do provide guarantee about our product based on our quality assurance process to make sure that our customers don’t lose money because of mangoes losing quality due to any natural mis-hap that happens on the farm like rains or insects attack etc.

So come, join us in the journey towards “Guarantee for Quality”!

Why should

choose us?

We provide Quality Mangoes grown in our farm we can proudly say this is our USP.

Fresh, Selected and hand packed Mangoes

Timely Delivery

Naturally ripen Mangos without doing any “Chemical Locha”

We educate our customers about Mango handling, so that they will have minimum losses